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Shelton AI

An unrivaled suite of AI/ML valuation and projection software for the world’s top GPs & LPs. Trained by proprietary data sets, Shelton instantly delivers surgically precise insights that supercharge a fund’s ability to forecast IRR and uncover dislocation in investment opportunities. Shelton augments human judgment within lean investment teams through the simple process of pairing investors with state of the art valuation and risk management software. Born out of a collaboration with Wall Street’s number one firm, Shelton has a proven track record of uncovering value for even the most sophisticated firms.

IRR & MOIC Screen

Rapid Due Diligence

Lengthy engagements with external firms are whittled down to seconds with the Shelton software. A low-code design circumvents cumbersome programming languages to accelerate the process even further. A simple point, click, and drag replaces weeks of diligence.

Private Equity:

With cutting edge financial projections & tranche specific interest rate projections, a consistent benchmark is provided in the form of IRR & MOIC to screen deals instantly.


World renowned financial engineers have created bespoke PD models, a structured debt algorithm that projects required sponsor equity, & dynamic interest rate tracking to forecast debt IRR & MOIC to screen & track pooled loans.


Core Competencies

Due diligence is a costly and laborious process, and in highly competitive markets, the advantages of speed and stealth are priceless.  In just moments, Shelton synthesizes billions of granular data points to create vivid forecasts that consultants and bankers take months to complete. The hard numbers and unique relationships that are revealed through Shelton are relevant across the entire deal lifecycle, including post-investment value creation, and vendor due diligence.

Private Due Diligence

Credit Due Diligence

Dynamic Factor Risk Dashboard

Private Equity risk Measurement & Management

Factor Risk Dashboard

Shelton is the first of its kind. A factor risk dashboard that accounts for dynamic duration adjustments of private equity holdings. Proudly serving general partners & limited partners alike to better understand their current exposure to market contractions.


Average Increase on Optimized PE Portfolio

Recent Projects

Private Equity Risk Management

Factor Risk Dashboard

Accuracy & Consistency

Due Diligence

Rapid Due Diligence

Dynamic & Agile

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