Review: Final Term Sheet

CVC Capital Term Sheet

Date: 12th July 2021

Fund IV (Tech & Software Focus)


Fee Ranking

Shelton AI’s past data set provides rankings on the fee structure for each specific fund. The ranking below shows percentile ranking of structure disclosed in the document.

  • Management Fee Ranking 44% 44%
  • Carry Fee Ranking 90% 90%
  • Hidden Fee Ranking 80% 80%




Hurdle Rate


Top End Carry

NLP Summarization

Carry Fee Summary

“…subscription price. (ii) [Catch-up/no catch-up for ordinary shares]. (iii) Any remaining proceeds shall be…” Learn More

Hidden Fees Summary

“…advisors shall participate to the extent necessary in…the Investors to carry out the due diligence.” Learn More

More Information

“…All preference shares shall automatically be converted….at a conversion price of… into upon the closing of an IPO.” Learn More

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